As a visual artist, I think in visual terms and everything that comes out of the studio are artistic projects. They can take any form and can be made by any medium, which I feel is best for the inspiration at hand.

In creating works, sometimes choices are made based on an idea, reaction, a plan, a design or a sketch, at other times, pure intuition and spontaneity takes hold and I follow the intuition that guides me in the create process and a dialogue emerges between the work and the artist.

I work on commission projects based in visual design and arts, including traditional visual art practices in studio art and designs, as well as digital media in all mediums from digital photography, Museum quality digital prints to Internet and web-based digital works.

Below are the public art events, publications and art related business entities I have created, organized, managed and produced on a annually bases.

High Line Open Studios:

West Chelsea Artist Open Studios:

Art511 Magazine:

Revolt Magazine: 2011 to 2016

Revolt Wearable: 2012 to 2016

Public Art Squad Project:




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