Studio is Reopen to the Public

To make an appointment call 917 697-0844 or email 

Join the West Chelsea Festival of Art in celebrating the creative persistence of New York City’s West Chelsea gallery district – Nov. 10th through Dec. 1st!

During the month of November the West Chelsea Festival of Art will be presenting the first annual Art Festival in the historic gallery district. The festival will highlight and showcase a curated selection of events and programs from over 100 participating artists presenting artworks in the form of visual art, film, fashion, music, dance, spoken word, performance among other mediums.

The West Chelsea Festival of Art will highlight important contemporary artists and the public issues at the forefront of current creative discourse - supporting intersectional feminism, LGBTQ+ rights and representation, anti-violence, and anti-racism. The festival applauds art as a unifying force of community and the cultural power it holds. The WCFOA strives to be a space of inclusion.

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