“The measure of creativity consumes one as the work is made. I started painting without reason, to make a mark, to express and exercise a desire, to make something that visually capture mood, character, place and or things. In painting you can state the obvious, or reflect on the conscious or even the subconscious, comment on form, color, shape and line or a reaction. Painting is at times speaking in an un-written language. That’s the power of Art.”

As an artist my work is consistently dealing with the themes and ideas, which project and reflect on today’s changing world.  My daily experiences, feelings and thoughts are projected in my artwork, as I move from day to day in and out of life. My ideas and inspiration for a work, a painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, comes from what ever I choose, It can be something I saw on the street walking to the studio, it can be something I read in the daily newspapers. A photo, a picture. A person on the street or in the subway, Inspiration can be a strange and wonderful thing. It can come from out of nowhere, at the most unexpected time, or at the most convenient time. Much of my in artworks are based on a sense of being and are a reflection or reaction to my life as an artist, living and working in New York. I feel it is important, to create works which are in juxtaposition to the times, the here and now. Though artists throughout the centuries have looked back on Art in the past, and re-examined the history of art that came before them. I to look back the past and react, borrowing and sampling the history that I know. 

My work represents all the things I have a passion and desire for. A desire to express my feeling, experiences and inspirations. 

I make statements through my work, which I feel, expresses and reflect the world around us today times I think it’s important for an artist to be a catalyst of reflection on the world and nature as we experience day by day. Be it from media, the latest television shows and movies, frontline news or the streets we walk everyday.

In part, my art is to create something out of my own experience. To reflect on what I feel and experience as I live life, day to day. In today’s contemporary world I am bombarded every minute of every day in this information age. My work is an extension of this bombardment, and a reaction to it. The work is an expression of all that enters my mind and body, and then leaves. Filtered by my spirit, my soul, my mind and my aspiration to create.

On Painting

Painting for me is many things. It is about the different between what I feel and what I do. It is the medium of expression, which brings together many ideas and feelings I am experiencing daily thought my life. As an example, color is one thing, another is the act of painting, than there’s the idea, the thought, the essence behind the painting. There is so much at time in 

The role of the artist at times can be completely different than the act of painting. The action that painting brings about is action in art. The action is the freedom to go about paint without the rules. But to react.

I select things because I like them and I can do whatever I want within my rules of art. In a sense, I make the rules as I go. Each painting is based on it own rules and ideas that I feel fits the needs of the artwork. I do not subscribe to a perceived notion of what a painting should become specifically, but what the idea the painting should project, it’s statement. It’s self, in a manner of speaking.

I select things because I like them. They speak to me in some intuitive way. I am no different than the other people. You walk into a room, and there are things, furniture, chairs, decorations, colors, walls and pictures you like. You may know why or maybe not. As an example, you like the red rug, because you like the color red. Maybe it’s your favorite color. You may know why or you may not. You may just appreciate its aesthetics.

When I was a young boy. My mother had our house painted orange with white trim. She liked the color orange. Now I like the color orange.

My work and my method are intuitive. I start my work very intuitive and spontaneous. This may be a reaction to something I see, experience, or need to express. My work flows from within my nature, then out. The world must be looked at in new ways. We must look at the world very contemporary in a new way. Art can change people, a reflective catalyst.

My work at times is to create something out of my own experience. It reflects what I feel and experience as I live life, day to day. In today’s contemporary world I am bombarded every minute of the day in this information age. My work is an extension of this bombardment and a reaction to it. An experience of all that enters my mind and body and then leaves filtered somewhat by my spirit, my soul, my mind and my inspiration.

In painting my aesthetics changes all the time, each artwork develops it’s own aesthetics as the work evolves.

On Contemporary Art


As I look at contemporary painting today there is something going with painting in Germany that interests me. It seem to be projected in much of the German painting that is exhibited today. It’s the freedom to bring anything to Painting. What ever is required to make the visual statement? The statement is what is communicated through the painting, where it’s about color, form, or function or an ideas or a narrative. The visualization of what is experienced and said at the same time. The perception and statement of the picture, a visual record of observation, a expression of feeling, of self and of the experiences or thoughts the artist projects in the painting. All is apropos.



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